About Us

The Southern Jewel is an online boutique that offers locally sourced artisan jewelry, accessories and home decor from the Appalachian region and nationwide. We believe in supporting local economies and providing hardworking artisans the ability to share their craft with the world.

We've been in business for less than one year and we're so humbled by how much support and love we have received from the community around us. We are based out of Johnson City, TN. Meredith Sieber, Owner of The Southern Jewel, has been a part of the jewelry and accessories industry for 6 years as a retail buyer. She has traveled to New York and Las Vegas to seek out the hottest trends in the market and make sure customers are receiving the best quality. When she moved to Johnson City over a year ago, she saw a huge gap in the market. There was no place to shop for unique jewelry and accessories. The Tri-Cities area has plenty of big box stores and a mall with all the brand names for shoppers to peruse, but it was hard to find those unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that women are always looking for. She started doing research and planning out her idea, thus came the idea to start an online boutique!

The Southern Jewel was built on the idea that all women and men are looking for ways to stand out as unique individuals so we offer unique products to help express any personality and style. Many of our artisans create one-of-a-kind pieces that won't be able to be re-produced in the same exact fashion as it was made. Its the beauty of artisan craft! 

We hope you love and enjoy your selections because they have been handpicked just for you!