Uncorked and Reloaded: The Story

When I first started looking for pieces to add to the shop, I stumbled across Uncorked and Reloaded at a craft fair I attended in a little town called Erwin, TN. The unique character of each piece wasn't something that could be replicated. I setup a meeting to speak with the owner and I was so excited to learn more about her business and why she started it.

Erin Brackett, the owner of Uncorked and Reloaded, isn't just a jewelry designer, she is a mother of 2 beautiful children, the wife to a state trooper and the glue that keeps it all together. I asked Erin why she started Uncorked and Reloaded and she explained that a friend asked her if she could recreate a pair of earrings for her. Erin gladly accepted the challenge, and in doing so, her passion for refashioning bullet casings and other oddities into unique jewelry was born. Uncorked and Reloaded is about transforming items that are not commonly used in jewelry into beautiful and surprising accessories. Erin salvages antique & vintage jewelry and fuses them with antique buttons, corks, silverware, bullets, fan pulls, & more, giving new life to both as wearable art. Each piece is unique and full of personality.

In an interview, I asked Erin to explain how she sources the materials for her jewelry. She explained, "All of the casings come from local ranges to my area (Eastern, TN) and individuals who have graciously given their spent casings to become jewelry. There have also been some vintage shell casings from the 1930’s and 1940’s used in my work. The casings are all authentic, real, have little quirks that make them unique, and have been shot out of a gun. I will never use simulated casings." She also explained, "Any vintage/antique pieces that are used have been sourced through local antique stores and hand-picked by myself. I look for pieces that are damaged and in need of repair to fix them with Uncorked and Reloaded flair."

If you enjoy wearing pieces that have recycled and given a new life, give Uncorked and Reloaded a try, you won't be disappointed! 

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