Quick Trip to Asheville

Since we've moved to the East Tennessee area in 2015, my husband and I have traveled around the region and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful natural landscapes. Its pretty incredible when you can get up in the morning and see such an incredible mountain range right outside your window! 

Appalachian Mountains

One of the greatest benefits to where we live is the easy access to one of the most up and coming cities in the United States- Asheville, NC. Not only is Asheville known for the largest home in America, The Biltmore Estate, but also for its unique culture. Asheville is filled with incredible restaurants, delicious breweries, unique shopping and a vibrant arts and music scene. I am lucky enough to live so close to a haven of talented artists, its wonderful! 

The real story begins when I decided to make a trek into the city to check out an indie artist pop up shop that was taking place at a local wedding venue for a few days. As I have been adding to the assortment for The Southern Jewel, I run across events here and there that I am dying to attend because I know I will find very unique items. Boy, was I right about this Pop Up Shop! 

Making My Way Through the Pop Up Shop

As I walked through the Pop Up Shop, I was WOW'd by the unique crafts that were expertly merchandised all over the room. There was a large variety of jewelry, packaged desserts, floral arrangements, wooden crafts, pottery and even vintage clothing. I looped the shop twice as I was looking for very unique items, items that are hard to find and/or unique in their design. I recognized one of our artisans, Julia Claire Clay! She had displayed some of her pottery designs in the shop, which I LOVE and will need to add a few pieces from her collection to the shop. 

Items That Caught My Eye

Of all the wonderful items I found at the shop, there were a few that caught my eye! The first one is shown below, its a DIY Embroidery Hoop! Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew on a embroidery hoop? For me, I love simple, step-by-step crafts that I can do at home. We all know those Pinterest projects can go dreadfully wrong, but how wonderful is it that they packaged their own little kit together to make it easy for us all?!

DIY Embroidery Hoop

The next item I snagged were these gorgeous genuine leather feather earrings. I had never seen anything like these and they came in all different colors! My first thought was that they'd be perfect for summer! Comment below and let me know what you think!

Genuine Leather Feather Earrings

The last item I grabbed were these beautifully crafted turquoise and gold earrings. Modern sleek gold jewelry is such a huge trend right now and who doesn't love turquoise?! I loved everything about these earrings, the design, the modern look and her collection is expansive. 

Gold Wrapped Turquoise Studs

Tell Me What You Think! 

The best thing about this Pop Up Shop was that everything was either handmade or handcrafted and most artisans were from Asheville! How delightful!! I would love to hear your thoughts on what you like or don't like about the items I picked up at the show! I am always looking for new artists and unique items to add to the site and these beauties could be next. If you are a jewelry or home decor artist, I would love to hear from you! Comment below or shoot me an email

I hope you enjoyed my quick trip to Asheville and got to experience a little bit of my journey with me. Have a wonderful week! 



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