Christmas Tree Decorating--My Favorite!!

              Every year, it seems like Christmas just sneaks up on me. I don’t ever feel prepared enough for the sudden onset of Christmas decorations everywhere, Christmas music on the radio and then movies on television. Don’t get me wrong…I love Christmas! Other than the warmth of summer, Christmas is my favorite of the year. Once I get my tree decorated, then I begin to really feel the spirit of Christmas. More than ever this year, I was so excited to put our ornaments on our tree. Not only is decorating the tree my favorite part of Christmas, but it’s the most nostalgic. Since my husband and I have been together for over 7 years, we’ve made it a tradition that whenever we go on a trip somewhere, we purchase an ornament for our Christmas tree. It’s so fun to pull the ornaments out of their wrapping and all the memories start flooding back. Each ornament has a special place in our hearts. Something new that we added to our tree this year are ornaments from our parent’s ornament collection. Growing up my mother decorated our tree in white lights and wicker basket ornaments that she had accumulated over the years. Our tree was so unique, I didn’t know anyone else that decorated their entire tree with baskets! Looking back on it, it was all I ever knew to decorate a Christmas tree with. Now that my parents are downsizing and making Christmas a smaller affair, my husband and I can add more memories to our tree! Here’s a couple photos of what our tree looks like this year with my family’s heirloom ornaments. You’ll see a couple of our handmade Burlap + Lace ornaments featured in the tree as well!

Christmas Tree    


Christmas Tree

              Now that I’ve shared my Christmas Tree Traditions with you, what are yours? What makes your tree so special? Do you decorate in all silver ornaments or do you have fun whimsical décor? Do you always purchase your tree from a special tree farm? I would love to hear about your Christmas Tree! 



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