Becoming a Blogger

Learning Blog Post

Yesterday, I decided to take a short 1-hour course on how to write for my blog. Ever since I started my website, I haven't been very confident about writing for my blog. I don't want to share just product information or vendor information for The Southern Jewel...I want to share more about who I am and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I want to share fun information that maybe you'll find useful or interesting. I want to share my thoughts whether or not you care to read about it! I want to use this platform in a better way. 

I want blogging for me to become a part of who I thought I never was....and that is a writer. I want to become fluid with it. I want to love putting my thoughts down and sharing them with people and not just keeping them to myself. 

So for today, I am going to do better and try to blog more frequently and be honest with myself. Maybe you can test the waters with me! I'm going to not make it feel like a chore, but rather something that is enjoyable and fun.

Comment below and tell me about your blog journey. Maybe one day I will look back on this post and say to myself, "what was I afraid of?!"

Until my next post...:)



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