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 Jen Aly is self-taught jewelry artist who specializes in wire wrapping and hammered metals. She is an East Tennessee native, but she currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina. She returned to the mountains after a decade of living in Honduras, California, and Hawaii. Jen uses her passion for gemstones and their therapeutic properties to create jewelry that is inspiring and empowering. She uses a wide variety of gemstones and colorful beads to create jewelry with smooth lines and sparkle.


When I first met Jen at her studio, I got to see where all the magic happens. She has such a vast knowledge of different gemstones and their meanings, various types of metals and how to best combine them to complement your style and what inspires you. She is located in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC, where she shares a studio space with another jewelry artisan. Jen started making jewelry out of her apartment when she lived in Hawaii. After each day of teaching, she would head to the local bead shop and bring home various different styles of beads and began creating! That's when she learned how to hand hammer silver and wire wrap stones. During this period, Jen self-taught herself by watching YouTube videos in order to figure out the best techniques! 

Jen is also a trained Life Coach through the Martha Beck Institute. Her experience that she has gained as a Coach shines through her work and her ability to connect with others and their goals in life.

Not only is Jen's jewelry very beautiful and delicate, the meaning behind each gemstone gives it much more power and purpose. Her ability to transform a sterling silver chain and a couple of gem stones into a work of art is beautiful and I'm so happy that she shares her talents with everyone! 

Here is a video about how the meaning of gemstones can empower your life:

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